Monday, September 15, 2008


Here are some of common spices as a reference:

Caraway have a sweetish, sharp flavour reminiscent of aniseed. They flavour all kinds of vegetables, goose,poultry, pork, goulash and cheese. They are also added to cakes, biscuits, bread and dumpling. Medicinally this spice is used for it’s gas-relieving properties. Known as Jintan Manis in Malaysia

Fennel plant
A common plant through out Mediterranean. One variety,Florence fennel (finnochia) was been used as a delicious vegetables.  Can be found in certain well known supermarket in Malaysia.

Fennel seed
Small, dried light-green to brown. Used to flavour fish stock, soups and sauces, grilled fish and meat. One of the ingredients in Chinese five spice powder and Asian curry powder. Known as Jintan Putih in Malaysia.

Fenugreek seeds principally used in curry powder, also used in pickles and chutneys, added to vegetables dishes and dhals (lentil purees). Sprouting seeds can be use in salads. Known as halba in Malaysia

Garlic is one of the most versatile flavors you can found in your kitchen. It not only tastes wonderful, it's very good for your body. It is one of Mother Nature's most precious gift to cooks of all levels of expertise. Available as whole bulb,dried (garlic flakes, dried ground garlic, garlic salt), preserved as whole peeled cloves or as puree in jars or tubes. Known as bawang putih in Malaysia

Ginger has a hot and spicy flavour. Young ginger is an essential ingredient in Asian cookery where it is added to fish, meat, poultry and vegetables dishes. Whole dried root ginger is used to flavour pickles, chutneys, ginger beer or wine. Ground ginger used in gingerbreads, cakes, biscuits,pickles, chutneys, sauces, sweets, puddings and jams. Preserved ginger is used in cakes, puddngs and ice cream. Medicinally this spice cure-all and a jack-of-all-trade. It also has a powerful medicine against nausea across the world. Known as Halia in Malaysia.

Lemon grass